Welcome to my blog - arch1tech.com.

Why arch1tech? Because I started out as an Architecture student but gradually found my passion in Computer Science, realizing that whenever an interesting idea strikes me, programming skills can provide me with more powerful tools to make it happen. Therefore, after graduating with a dual degree of Computer Science and Architecture, I began my career as a software engineer in the United States.

Some of my posts here are written in Chinese, some in English. Let me know if you have any question.

欢迎来我的博客 - arch1tech.com

为什么选择 arch1tech 这个域名? 其实就是 architecture 和 technology 两个单词的合并,我在大学时原本修的建筑设计,后来发现计算机技术可以让我创造出更加有趣的东西,于是毕业前又修了计算机专业。现在我在美国加州做软件开发的工作。



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